Depression Counseling

Depression isn’t something that you can just snap out of.  You know this.  Maybe some around you don’t, or are trying to help, and just don’t understand.

Quoting Jeff Brown, “Pain can’t be transcended. Too much of that and it just gets concretized. Big blocks of pain obstructing the path, turning into weapons that turn inward against the self. Don’t believe the ones who say you can rise above it, or meditate it away. It doesn’t go away, those ways. It goes away when we move deeply into it, and move it on through. I try to never forget how good it felt to cry as a child. At the end of the release, new eyes and a regained freshness of appreciation. And I also try to never forget what it has feels like to repress tears as an adult. I feel agitated, disconnected and ultimately depressed. I think of depression as frozen feeling. When I thaw them out by feeling and releasing them, the depression lifts. It’s not the pain that will kill us. It’s all the efforts we make to pretend its gone. The feel is for real…”

I know depression, having seen it in family, friends and myself.  We recover in togetherness, not isolation.  Let’s work together because we speak the same language of understanding.