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Feeding each other

Posted on May 17 by

I think of the second statement of Leo’s in Loving Each Other: “Compliment me often for jobs well done, and don’t downgrade but reassure me when I fail. Don’t take the...


Let me know

Posted on May 15 by

I love used bookstores. The smell, the chaotic organization, the almost palpable taste of must from attics and basements, the pensive folk who walk about the aisles, perusing...


Naming it what it is

Posted on May 10 by

I was driving around, trying to get some loose ends tied up and found myself wondering the question that I find myself wondering FAAAAR too often. “Am I just making a big deal...



Posted on Apr 25 by

  I figured it out today. When he said to me, “I want to protect you.” It was so unscripted, so real, so genuine, so honest, that it was pure love if nothing else. It...


5 Characteristics of Great Men

Posted on Mar 16 by

Considering the bell curve of the population, it stands to reason that there are a lot of average men and women. When the tail of the population goes off to the right, there are...


Courage versus bravery

Posted on Jan 23 by

  “It is a lot easier to be brave when there is hope on the horizon.”   I just thought this sentence after seeing Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability.  She...


The $29 present from Delta

Posted on Jan 22 by

I was on a flight recently across the country, and decided to reward myself with some comfort, in the form of legroom, although my legs aren’t particularly long.   I got on...


Emotional Validation

Posted on Jan 16 by

Has emotional validation been thrown to the wolves?   In the era of “positive thinking,” a lot of respectful interaction seems to have fallen by the wayside.  We are no...


Who am I?

Posted on Oct 11 by

I am a woman. I am divorced. I am a mother. I am an agnostic.   Therefore, I am a person who is not seen as valuable in the eyes of some people. Therefore, I am a person...


Health and friendships

Posted on Jun 16 by

I was thinking about a conversation that Brent and I had some time back.  He used to be a raw foodist, and consequently, nearly all of his health problems vanished.  However, as...



Posted on May 16 by

I need to ask a colossal favor of all of my friends, and friends of friends, and well, the whole planet.   Show up. Be present. Please put away your phone. I don’t mean...


Leadership in relationships

Posted on Feb 26 by

This strong woman needs a leader in a man.   Many years ago, while I was still trying to develop a sense of self, within a group-think religious environment, I took a course...

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