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Why I don’t write a survivor blog

Posted on Jun 2 by

I am a survivor. I have survived abuse and neglect of all kinds. From rape to verbal, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect, I have a litany of...


Feeding each other

Posted on May 17 by

I think of the second statement of Leo’s in Loving Each Other: “Compliment me often for jobs well done, and don’t downgrade but reassure me when I fail. Don’t take the...


Let me know

Posted on May 15 by

I love used bookstores. The smell, the chaotic organization, the almost palpable taste of must from attics and basements, the pensive folk who walk about the aisles, perusing...


Naming it what it is

Posted on May 10 by

I was driving around, trying to get some loose ends tied up and found myself wondering the question that I find myself wondering FAAAAR too often. “Am I just making a big deal...



Posted on Apr 25 by

  I figured it out today. When he said to me, “I want to protect you.” It was so unscripted, so real, so genuine, so honest, that it was pure love if nothing else. It...


5 Characteristics of Great Men

Posted on Mar 16 by

Considering the bell curve of the population, it stands to reason that there are a lot of average men and women. When the tail of the population goes off to the right, there are...


Courage versus bravery

Posted on Jan 23 by

  “It is a lot easier to be brave when there is hope on the horizon.”   I just thought this sentence after seeing Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability.  She...


The $29 present from Delta

Posted on Jan 22 by

I was on a flight recently across the country, and decided to reward myself with some comfort, in the form of legroom, although my legs aren’t particularly long.   I got on...


Emotional Validation

Posted on Jan 16 by

Has emotional validation been thrown to the wolves?   In the era of “positive thinking,” a lot of respectful interaction seems to have fallen by the wayside.  We are no...


Who am I?

Posted on Oct 11 by

I am a woman. I am divorced. I am a mother. I am an agnostic.   Therefore, I am a person who is not seen as valuable in the eyes of some people. Therefore, I am a person...


Health and friendships

Posted on Jun 16 by

I was thinking about a conversation that Brent and I had some time back.  He used to be a raw foodist, and consequently, nearly all of his health problems vanished.  However, as...



Posted on May 16 by

I need to ask a colossal favor of all of my friends, and friends of friends, and well, the whole planet.   Show up. Be present. Please put away your phone. I don’t mean...


Leadership in relationships

Posted on Feb 26 by

This strong woman needs a leader in a man.   Many years ago, while I was still trying to develop a sense of self, within a group-think religious environment, I took a course...


Being hard on myself

Posted on Nov 18 by

When I was going through my divorce, my husband (at the time) said to me that I expected a lot from other people, but never more than I expected from myself.  It was one of those...


Getting What You Want

Posted on Nov 3 by

Because I like to have a continuous stream of “happy thoughts” on my newsfeed on my personal Facebook account, I subscribe to a lot of pages which promote such.  It is nice,...


Gifts of Grace

Posted on Oct 29 by

So I am unpacking my stuff in my new house and come across a gift of validation, grace, and acceptance.  It is a folded note, written on college-ruled notebook paper, which was...


Being open to vulnerability

Posted on Oct 11 by

This post hasn’t been pretyped and thought out with some care in Word before posting here.  This is a completely free-flowing thought on screen to you, ala Single Dad...


Apples versus Oranges

Posted on Sep 13 by

“What do values have to do with this? If you are honest about your affection or its lack, and about your needs, where is virtue violated? Self-sacrifice and self-flagellation...


I am worthy, and so are you

Posted on Aug 12 by

It has been said that “what you think of me is none of my business.”   I have added to this, and have received some considerable agreement, the idea of “how you behave...


Friendship versus Therapy

Posted on Jun 13 by

The other day, my fellow colleagues and I were in the breakroom for lunch. We were discussing the idea of falling into the trap of “therapizing” or doing therapy with...


What do I want already?!

Posted on May 27 by

This weekend is Memorial Day, and I got into the groove of wanting to see a good patriotic film.  The movie chosen was “A Few Good Men.”   It got me thinking about the...


Going to Hell

Posted on May 5 by

A long time ago, I used to believe in a place called Hell.  It could have had its own postal code, for how real I believed its location to exist.  It was for the “unsaved”...


Perfection vs. forgiveness

Posted on Apr 9 by

The timing of other blogs amazes me. It is as though there is something in the air that we collectively breathe and think similar or related thoughts.   I was reading the...



Posted on Mar 28 by

Such a small word.  Such a word packed with so much potential.  Great suffering and great joy have hinged on this small word and its answer.   I was watching a video of a...


Favor to the highest bidder

Posted on Mar 26 by

Emotions are not to be used as a commodity.   Somehow, this sentence came to me from out of the blue.  Often I’ve seen that whole idea of “well, if I do that, he/she...


How to be happy

Posted on Mar 8 by

I know that I write a lot on here about positivity, and I do believe in a lot of it.  I have to admit that it was comforting to hear from Dr. Rick Hanson, that humans have a...


How my core broke me open

Posted on Feb 26 by

In yoga class today, I asked to work the core, which kind of scared me, but at the same time, I know that I need to do it.  Jenn complied, along with other requests for...


A forty-something looks at crushes

Posted on Feb 17 by

I have a friend who is a high school teacher who told me about a note he found written by a girl who was smitten with some guy in the following class.  It brought me back to my...


I have to change…

Posted on Feb 11 by

I was reading some “harsh” truths the other day, and came across this gem:   “You can’t be successful without providing value. – Don’t waste your time trying to...


Fear’s Venom

Posted on Jan 16 by

I was thinking about the current job market and dating scene, and their similarities this morning.   Job market right now, here, is tough.  Layoffs are rife, people are...


Journey in the Snow

Posted on Jan 11 by

My journey this morning took me through snow.  Being a Florida girl, this is kind of new and novel and exciting, until I have to shovel it, drive in it, or otherwise have to deal...


The Vigor of the Almighty Ego

Posted on Dec 19 by

I walked the dog yesterday, in the cold and wind.  This past week has brought many bits of information, some welcome, some definitely not.  Actually, to be honest, most were...


Learning curves

Posted on Nov 26 by

Something that I read recently struck me with such honesty, and echoes how I feel many days.  Oddly enough, it was in a spiritual/self-help/woo-woo kind of book.  These books...



Posted on Nov 21 by

So I had the opportunity to go over to Seattle a couple of days ago.  It was typically November, with the cold, wind and rain on this side of the mountains, and snowing in...



Posted on Nov 13 by

I am dissenting with my people.  Therapist friends, woo-woo friends, “think positive” friends, and the like.   These are still my people.  These are people who share my...


becomes bored and daydreams…

Posted on Oct 31 by

I stumbled upon a blog written by someone calling himself Christopher Robin.  It could well be his name, have no clue. The absolute beauty of this is that I was thinking the same...


A look at anger and its opportunities

Posted on Sep 10 by

I was having coffee this morning with a friend, and was mentioning Adam Brault, and his company &yet.  Recently, Adam and his company had been on the other end of an...


Why do I do what I do?

Posted on Sep 8 by

Why do I do what I do? One of the projects that was asked of me many years ago was to answer this question, but more in light of why do people do what they do. I answered with...

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