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Who am I?

Posted on Oct 11 by

I am a woman. I am divorced. I am a mother. I am an agnostic.   Therefore, I am a person who is not seen as valuable in the eyes of some people. Therefore, I am a person...


Health and friendships

Posted on Jun 16 by

I was thinking about a conversation that Brent and I had some time back.  He used to be a raw foodist, and consequently, nearly all of his health problems vanished.  However, as...



Posted on May 16 by

I need to ask a colossal favor of all of my friends, and friends of friends, and well, the whole planet.   Show up. Be present. Please put away your phone. I don’t mean...


Leadership in relationships

Posted on Feb 26 by

This strong woman needs a leader in a man.   Many years ago, while I was still trying to develop a sense of self, within a group-think religious environment, I took a course...


Being hard on myself

Posted on Nov 18 by

When I was going through my divorce, my husband (at the time) said to me that I expected a lot from other people, but never more than I expected from myself.  It was one of those...

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