What would it be like if you were able to be?  Be less anxious, be less depressed, be less tired from overthinking, overanalyzing and overstressing?  What if it were possible to be more productive, happier, more fulfilled and satisfied? If it is time to get rid of anxiety and depression and actually get this great feeling and activity into your life, click above to give me a call, and let’s figure this out.


I’ve worked with people like most of us who were stuck and needed the help that comes from a collaborative and therapeutic relationship.  I specialize in using clinical hypnotherapy, among other scientifically based therapies to help you heal and to reduce or prevent self-sabotage.


I have worked with a number of people who have “failed recovery.”  If 12-step didn’t or doesn’t work for you, there are MANY other ways to recover, and we can discover what works for YOU. And when you do what works for you, you can see the difference that it makes in your life, and in other peoples’ lives, right away.